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The social phenomenon of creep refers to a variety of slow-moving phenomenon and [[Ratcheting Affects}ratcheting affects]].


  • Concept Creep: For a concept to be invoked in broader and broader situations, to the point of being watered down. It usually means that a specific term is being used outside of its original definition
  • Mission Creep: Once the goals a mission expand, it is difficult to narrow its goals
  • Scope Creep: Similar to mission creep, for the goals of a project to grow uncontrollably
  • Spectacle Creep: In media, for a plot to demand greater and greater stakes
  • Deformation: A materials science concept
  • Culture Creep: Gradual changes in the culture, usually major and/or bad. For example, the sexual revolution might be classified as culture crep
  • Political Creep: Creep is also a political force. Activist George Bernard Shaw coined "creeping socialism"