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Human Biodiversity (HBD) is a community of bloggers that study human differences. this includes Jayman, HBD Chick, and Stefan's personality blog.

Although one might assume that HBD would attract racial supremacists, the community is more concerned with hobbyist analysis than political generalizations. Racial supremacists rarely pay attention to HBD, being preoccupied by crazed rhetoric.

Differences among Europeans

Hajnal Line

One heavily discussed topic in HBD spheres is why certain areas of Europe industrialized faster than others. Several items are discussed:

  • The Hajnal line as it marks areas of high and low "clannishness;" people seek out associations based on shared interests rather than familial ties
  • The Bloody Code in England killed people for minor offenses, which had an affect on the genetics of the population
  • The rise of corporations in favor of the old feudal system
  • The affects of Christianity on genetics, particularly in enforcing norms around marriage, and preventing inbreeding

Albion's Seed

Proposed map of North American cultural zones
Map of British Migration into the United States

Albion's Seed is a book about migration into the United States from Britain. It delineates four distinct ethnic groups:

  • Puritans (Mostly in New England)
  • Quakers
  • Borderers (Scots-Irish)
  • Planters (Aristocrats, their servants and their slaves, mostly in the South)

Albion's Seed argues that many political conflicts in US history can be attributed to fights between Quakers and Puritans vs Borderers and Planters

Slate Star Codex has an interesting description of the book here.