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The Meta-Game
Rivalrous games * exponential tech = self-termination

Exponentially increasing capacity and availability of destructive power without an equal or greater increase in wisdom and/or implementation of non-rivalrous dynamics will result in self-termination. As certain as any formula.

Indefinite lifespans are not naturally adaptive
We didn’t evolve to live beyond our current lifespans, therefore we are not psychologically equipped to handle it gracefully. This is no less dangerous than other advances in tech combined with our lack of wisdom. All living things die, if we are to successfully challenge this rule, the advance in wisdom must be paired with it.

Empiricism without epistemic humility leads society to lack a coherent teleology

Radical longevity must be paired with purpose beyond our simple desire to have it. Modern farming addresses our desire for plentiful food, social media addresses our desire for constant communication, but are we utilizing these technologies correctly? No. Likewise, radical longevity may address our desire to live longer, but will not improve life in and of itself (i.e. radically increased quantity of life must be paired with radically increased quality of life).

This can help orient us towards higher purpose goals. We are as Gods but do not feel like it. Radical longevity provides the opportunity to communicate the reality of our powers successfully. We shirk higher responsibility as species due to limited time, this helps take away our excuse (exploring stars within 80 years seems far fetched. 500 does not)

Any radical longevity technology must be delicately implemented. If not, what could possibly be more destabilizing than discovering the key to radical longevity? Has potential to amplify every fault line in society if not handled correctly.

Everyone gets radical longevity: What now?
Practical considerations. Where do we fit them all?

What does this do to our relationships? Consciousness? All of our other assumptions that rest upon the expectation of a regular lifespan?


Some people get radical longevity: What now?
Who gets it?
Who decides (and how)?

Inequality of income destabilizes society. Inequality of lifespans will be worse if not sufficiently addressed.
Ecological balance
Radical longevity must be paired with sustainability to not burn out resources at an even faster rate than we already are. Much like wisdom must drastically increase to offset exponential tech, sustainability must drastically increase to offset radical longevity. “Radical sustainability” conversation?

Humans– the Super-Apex Predator– The Niche Exploiter

In the natural environment
Radical longevity acts as force multiplier for every niche we’ve already exploited

In the human-created environment
Those who are most adept at gaining asymmetric power, do so. Without constraints, those who will be most adept at controlling this technology to exploit for their own benefit will do so as well.