Russel Conjugation

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Russel conjugation, or emotive conjugation, is a type of spin by which writers, typically journalists, use adjectives loaded with connotations.

Philosopher Bertrand Russel gives examples:

I am firm, you are obstinate, he is a pig headed fool

I am righteously indignant, you are annoyed, he is making a fuss over nothing

I have reconsidered the matter, you have changed your mind, he has gone back on his word.

Many English terms are superficially synonyms but carry different associations. "Indignant" and "annoyed" are synonyms but the former is more charitable.

Eric Weinstein listed Russel Conjugation as a term or concept that ought to be more widely known. He lists examples in a Twitter thread.

Russel Conjugation is also connected to Weasel words.