Twin Nuclei Problem

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The Twin Nuclei Problem is a coinage of Eric Weinstein, named after the nucleus of a cell and the nucleus of an atom. He describes the problem: mankind's capabilities have growth vastly with innovations in the field of biology and nuclear physics, but without equivalent increases in responsibility. The study of cells and atoms have given advanced nations and backyard tinkerers enormous destructive capacities via WMDs. Modern leaders have inherited the capabilities unlocked by Einstein, Bohr, Jim Watson, and many others, yet those leaders have none of the appropriate discretion and poise. Weinstein summarizes, "we are Gods but for the wisdom."

My life has been marked by two immense and fateful scientific discoveries: the splitting of the atom, the recognition of chemistry of heredity and its subsequent manipulation. It is the mistreatment of the nucleus that, in both instances, lies at the basis: the nucleus of the atom, the nucleus of the cell.

- Erwin Chargaff